I am gathering information related to how TIAHA was originally formed. I will describe at a very high level
what I have come to learn so far.

It all started when that two cousins, Nick Sarrocco and Nick Guarino, held a meeting at their jointly owned
restaurant, Casa Nicole, on Capitol Blvd in Raleigh, NC sometime in 1981. The intent was to form an
Italian mens club to share our heritage, provide a service to the community and to have fun Italian style.
This quickly resulted in 32 other individuals, with at least 1/8 Italian blood, showing interest in such an
organization. They are recognized as the Founding or Charter Members (see photos below).

A President and Board Of Directors were elected and things took off from there with a
Constitution and Bylaws being created in 1981 followed by the Articles Of Incorporation in 1982
(see below). The first President was Robert Esposito and the Board Of Directors consisted of
Frank Marseglia, Anthony Curcio, Adrian Brancato, Joe Frangiosa and Robert Buselli
(see Articles Of Incorporation below).

As of January 2013, TIAHA has continued to operate abiding by the Charter & Bylaws for over 31 years
providing significant financial aid, food and services to many charitable organizations in our community.
We are especially active with the USO and the Masonic Children's Home in Oxford, NC. We also
recognize an outstanding student that is a direct decendant of an active TIAHA member in good standing
through our yearly scholarship award program.

We fund these activities through various money raising events such as having an Italian food booth
at the yearly International Festival, holding golf tournaments and raffels and various other opportunities
to generate revenue.

TIAHA also sponsors a yearly picnic and Christmas Party for our members.

As I gather more detail I will continue to update the history of TIAHA.

John Christofaro


The original framed Constitution is held by John Christofaro



The following framed photograph was donated by Nick Sarraco and is held by John Christofaro

30 of the 32 Charter Members (32 signed the Constitution)

6 Charter Members

L to R: John Bono, Hank Liberator, Sal Renna, Bill Bagliani, Joe Frangiosa, Virgilio Luciani

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