TIAHA Scholarship Award - $1,000 Opportunity

Eligibility: You must be enrolled this fall as a full time student at an institute of higher learning (post-high school). You must be at least 1/8 of Italian descent and a direct descendant of a Triangle Italian American Heritage Association (TIAHA) current member in good standing. Past winners not eligible.

Past Winners:
2018 - Justin Conzola
2017 - Thomas Connor - Cardinal Gibbons - Notre Dame - Economics Major
2016 - No Applicants
2015 - Nicole Ferraro - ECU - Valedictorian + President of her sen. class at Knightdale H.S.
2014 - Angela Dtfede - Eugene Lang College
2013 - James Ferraro and Barbara DiGrande
2012 - Cassandra Ferraro - Criminal Justice @ ECU
2011 - Michael Bon - NCSU
2010 - Alexandra Romano - Elon U
2009 - Brittany-Ann Mastromatteo
2008 - Shaina Salvaggio
2007 - Elyse Hope
2006 - Stephanie Cordato - BS at Duke, went on to PhD in Pharmacology at Cornell Med
2001 - FranK Sancineti III


2018 Application click here (printable .doc)

Scholarship Selection Process

  1. Applications are received by the scholarship chairman either by snail mail or email. Only those received by email or postmarked on or before deadline will be considered for award process.  President appoints a scholarship review committee including himself and scholarship chairman. (total of 3 or 5). The chairman distributes application(s) to the committee. If only one or two candidates, committee will vote on entire package, with winner by majority. The following applies if more than two candidates.
  2. Each committee member ranks his top three choices and submits results only to chairman.
  3. Chairman tabulates results awarding points as follows for each candidate: Firsts - 5 points, Seconds - 3 points, Thirds - 1 point
  4. If there is a clear-cut winner, chairman announces winner to committee. If there is a tie, revert to majority vote by committee..    


Award subject to change and availablity

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